GT Flywheel 964/993
GT Flywheel 964/993
GT Flywheel 964/993
GT Flywheel 964/993
GT Flywheel 964/993

GT Flywheel 964/993

Responsiveness for motorsport, good manners for the road

One of the most popular modifications for the engines of  964 and 993 models is the lightweight single-mass flywheel from the 964 RS, which improves engine response and makes the engine characteristics – at least subjectively – significantly sportier. However, this also goes hand in hand with a certain degree of roughness in operation and there are transmission noises, especially when stationary, which can irritate the faint-hearted motorist.

The GT flywheel is almost identical in function and geometry to the well-known RS flywheel, but weighs 3 kg more. These three kilograms smooth out the "racing rattle" so that even inexperienced drivers do not immediately despair if they want to start the car uphill. Also, the background noise does not let the layman conclude that the gearbox is broken. On the other hand, enough racing feeling is retained to give the street 911 exactly the driving behavior it deserves. This is probably also the reason why this flywheel does its job in every Singer Porsche.

Scope of delivery: One flywheel including pilot bearing and balancing protocol.

Made in the USA

Weight comparison flywheels:

993/964 OE
964 RS OE
GT Midweight
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