Concierge Parking

Unser Collector Car Storage bietet Ihrem Sportwagen einen sicheren Parkplatz in Hamburg. Für Porsche, Ferrari und hochwertige Liebhaberfahrzeuge anderer Marken.

Worry-free storage and care for your sports car

Owning a classic collector's vehicle should be a pleasure and not a burden. We think even the most beautiful and exotic cars are built to be driven, shown off and simply enjoyed. After all, who wants to deal with the minor and major ailments that affect every car that is not being driven regularly.

With our concierge parking, your treasures are optimally housed and cared for. We check, care for and service your cars with meticulous reliability and great know-how, so that you can do exactly what you really have to do with peace of mind. Whenever you find the time to go for a ride, just get on. Your vehicles are waiting for you in top condition. At any time.

Concierge Parking for only €295/month