Blick in die HOEING Autosport Porsche Werkstatt. Blick in die HOEING Autosport Porsche Werkstatt.


Services for your Porsche: maintenance and repair, engine overhaul and trackday preparation


Annual inspection/minor and major maintenance according to Porsche specifications or tailored to your  individual usage profile.

Maintenance Plus: includes additional maintenance work on the injection and ignition systems every 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers

Ölstand kontrollieren


Whether it is damage from an accident or from sitting stationary for too long, whether the power window switch is broken or a street sign is sticking out of your dashboard - we help damaged vehicles get back into top form and function. Of course, we preserve as much originality and patina as possible on classic vehicles.

GT Models

Species-appropriate attention for your high-performance machine.

Whether chassis, drivetrain, tires or safety equipment - thanks to our motorsport DNA, we can help maximize the potential of your vehicle and get you prepared for your next track day.

Power Kit 964/993 Carrera X51 Plus

The popular recipe for the 3.8 liter factory performance upgrade a little refined.

Engine Rebuilding

Restoring Standards. We help your engine to regain its former glory and new performance. With factory know-how and original spare parts. For air and water-cooled 911 models.

Protoype Engines

Sometimes, but really only sometimes, we build pretty wild stuff. Four-liter 964 with over 100 hp per liter, 3.5L with MFI in an ST clone, racing engines.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Comprehensive inspections for buyers and sellers of Porsche sports cars.

So you know what you are buying.

Power Kit Carrera 3.2 Plus

Additional 50 hp, more comfort, improved mileage

Machine Shop

Overhaul and repair of cylinder heads, connecting rods, rocker arms, crankcases, etc.

Carburetor Rebuilding

For Weber and Zenith carburators

Parts Cleaning

Order cleaning of delivered engine components for small workshops and hobbyists.

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